CLG Qualify for Playoffs from Group C



The Group C decider match was between two teams that few had expected to be playing off for the second spot; CLG and Gambit.


Gambit chose Cache as their map pick. It has been their go-to map so far in the tournament and they definitely wanted to milk that advantage whilst they can. The initial rounds were very messy as the teams clawed rounds back and forth from each other before CLG were able to manage a small win streak. However Gambit won the first half 10-5 and whilst the second half was much closer than the first, Gambit were still able to close out the map at 16-13.


The second map was CLG’s pick. Cobblestone is their favorite map, and is the map they defeated EnVyUs on. They had a dominating performance in the first half with a 11:4 scoreline. After that it was just a matter of closing out the map ending in a final scoreline of 16:11 in favor of CLG.


The third and final map was Mirage, one of the best and most comfortable maps for CLG. This is the map that CLG had managed to defeat Fnatic on. The team have excelled on this map ever since the NetcodeGuides days.

CLG once again got off to a great start after winning the pistol round. After Rahkonen got a triple to put up Gambit’s first round on the board, the American squad reset Gambit’s economy in their own eco round and continued to drive for 6-1.

A last-second plant with Celik saving a scary anti-eco and a quad by Marzano pushed the score to 8-1 before Gambit started to find ways to win more rounds. After 9-2 it was all CLG as they switched over with six rounds as Counter-Terrorists.

CLG will advance to the quarterfinals to face off against Team Liquid. This is a local matchup and both the teams are quite well versed with each other and on home soil. The match will be played on the 1st of April 2016 at 21:00 CET