CLG.Red vs Astral Authority – GO : NA Tips, Odds and Preview

CLG.Red and Astral Authority are matched up against each other in GO NA tournament on the 18th of February 2016 at 02:30 CET




CLG.Red is an all female team. Consisting of well known streamers / players such as Missharvey and other players Benita, Cath, and Di^. They have faced off against some of the other better North American teams such as Method and Splice however they lost these matches. Their opponents are pretty good and it would have been quite an upset if CLG.Red had managed to reach double digits against these teams anyway.

Astral Authority


Astral Authority have won all their recent matches. However they have been facing much weaker teams. The teams that AA have been facing are reasonably unknown and would have been a solid contender for CLG.Red. Astral Authority have some up and coming players such as Nifty and Banks. However the team is still pretty new and lack experience.


The Prediction : 80%-20% Astral Authority

The Bet : Betting on an unstable Astral Authority at such high odds probably is not the wisest decision. A smarter bet would be a ICB on CLG.Red