CLG secures their spot at League of Legends World Championships


Counter Logic Gaming has secured their spot at Worlds at the end of year through having the most points in the NA LCS (Excluding TSM)

Counter Logic Gaming has qualified for worlds through scoring 130 circuit points in the NA LCS. With the TSM wining the NA LCS through the easy 3-1 game against C9 allowed TSM to qualify directly for worlds which is the main reason CLG were able to also qualify for world through having the most circuit points. If TSM were unable to win against C9 early today, C9 would be the team who qualified through to worlds and TSM would then advance to worlds through having the most circuit points.

This is certainly fortunate for CLG, as without the TSM win against c9, they would have the second most circuit points in total throughout all the NA teams but would be unable to qualify for a position at worlds. Through this, some fans argue that “TSM carried CLG”.

This will be the first time CLG is attending worlds without their former shining star ADC, Doublelift. Hopefully they will be able to perform much better than last year where they placed 9-12th.