CLG vs Cloud9 – ESL Finals Tips, Odds and Preview

CLG vs CLoud9 – Overpass


Cloud9 and CLG are matched up against each other in the ESL week 1 Group stage match to be held on the 12th February 2016 at 02:00 CET




Cloud9 have not played this map much since November 2015. They did have one match against EnVyUs during GameShow Global Finals. They lost that match to EnVyUs 12-16. Considering how bad EnVyUs are on Overpass, it really is not much of an achievement. Their performance during the LAN was really bad and it really points out to some lack of preparation on the part of Cloud9. Stewie2k did perform well and it did not seem to be an issue with the new player. Indeed Stewie2k was always amongst the top fraggers on the part of Cloud9.




CLG actually played really well on Overpass. It was a map that they played around 5-6 times during the tournament. They won against EnVYUs, Dignitas and FLipsid3. These trams are not well versed with Overpass as a map, however the very fact that CLG was able to win with score lines of 16-12 speaks for itself. CLG are a team well versed with the map and that definitely gives them an advantage. You add Cloud9’s mixed aim and you will realise that CLG seem to be the better team again on this map.


The Prediction :  65%-35% CLG

The Bet : Low on CLG

Risk : High

Fanobet : Cloud9 win more than 12.5 rounds