CLG vs Conquest.

image1415470058-816x459CLG vs Conquest.

This game is part of the RGN Freedom! Cup.
Today we will be taking a look into the CLG vs Conquest game that begins at 1am 22nd of December 2015. This is a double best of three with a Best of One advantage for Conquest. To make that easier to understand for anyone this is two separate Best of Threes but Conquest has already won the first because they have advantage. ( Conquest only need to win one best of three while CLG need to win two best of threes).

These two teams have played against eachother on two separate occasions before with CLG winning their first encounter and Conquest winning their second.

CLG have had a difficult week with only two wins out of five games with wins over Complexity and Velox leaving them with a 40% win rate of their last five games.  CLG’s best map is Mirage and their worst map is Inferno.

Conquest have won 60% of their last games wit h wins on top of NME , Dogmen and Complexity. Conquest’s best map is the opposite of CLG’S with their best map being Inferno and their worst being Mirage.

Rosters include;
CLG: tarik, hazed, jdm64, reltuC, pita.

 Conquest: ShahZaM, daps, RUSH, NAF-FLY, stanislaw.

My prediction is 89% for Conquest to win because they have a BO3 advantage.


Calvin Hynes.