CLG vs NRG – CEVO Season 9 Pro Qualifier Tips, Odds and Preview.



CLG and NRG are matched up against each other in thethe Quarterfinals  of the CEVO Season 9 Qualifier to be held on the 3rd of March 2016 at 22:00 CET.




The last match that CLG played was a LAN during the MLG Columbus Major Qualifier. They defeated Vexed and SK during the qualifier. Overall the qualifier was a definite success for the team. They managed to qualify and are guaranteed sticker money for now. However Clg have been pretty lacklustre in the online stages of tournaments before the qualifiers. They were not performing well and their team performance heavily depends on JDM showing up on that particular day. Any team that over-relies on one particular player always faces inconsistency. CLG’s map pool includes Mirage, Cobblestone as their foundation. However they also perform well on Dust2 and Overpass.




NRG last played against Liquid in two Best of One’s. They made a very good comeback on Dust2 and won the map. However on Cobblestone, they showed a very pathetic CT side giving away a 11-4 lead to lose the map 16-12. That means they obtained just one round on their CT side. NRG’s better maps are very similar to those of CLG and include Cobblestone, Mirage and Dust2 (as was evidenced from their recent wins on Dust2). NRG under the guidance of Gob B seems to be flourishing. If anything they are definitely in their honeymoon period and they are a good team to bet on while this lasts.

The Prediction :  65%-35% NRG

The Bet :  Low to Medium NRG