CLG vs SK | E League Group C | Tips Odds and Previews


This is by far the trickiest of the matches to be held today. CLG has been in a  huge slump lately. The addition of Pita playing for the team at E league does not help either. Pita is not really the player that CLG need right now.

SK on the other hand have not been playing too good. They have a very successful first half of May. However it was followed by some embarassing losses to ENCE ( 16-4 on Mirage ?) and against other teams. SK seem to be a very haphazard team right now, with individual plays setting up their wins.


Based on Skill, I feel SK is the better team right now. Even in the map pool you have to give SK the advantage as CLG are playing with a standin ( who will not be well versed with the team dynamics )

The Prediction : 60%-40% SK

The Bet : Low on SK