Cloud 9 drops Dota 2 roster

Cloud 9 has remvoed their Dota 2 team’s infomation from their website

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Cloud 9 has removed information regarding their Dota 2 team from their website, meaning they have dropped the roster. This follow their deal, signing the roster only weeks prior to the start of The International 2017, where the team had originally qualified without the assistance of the Cloud 9 organisation.

Prior to Cloud 9 releasing to proper statement announcing the departure of the roster, C9’s CEO confirmed on reddit that the roster and the org has parted ways.

This is fairly disappointing, as Cloud 9’s return to Dota 2 was not only hyped, but expected to continue out of TI7. It is very disappointing that C9 only signed the roster for the TI7 appearance instead of properly developing the players like a good org should. The roster had finished 13th-16th at TI7, likely the reason for their removal from the team.