Cloud 9 Impact Confirmed on Sneaky’s stream!


After much speculation of the trade off between Cloud 9 and NRG for the top laner Impact, the result has finally been confirmed on C9 Sneaky’s stream!

Recently Sneaky’s twitch stream revealed that Impact will be playing for Cloud 9.

In the video, we can see Impact in the background walking around and talking with various members. We can also see that he is definitely wearing the C9 jumper, all but confirming that he will be representing Cloud 9 as top laner for their League of Legends team!

c9 impact

I personally cant wait to see Impact represent Cloud 9,  after all they are one of the best teams in the North American scene and even the world.

c9 impact 2

Impact has played consistently well for his previous team, but he has been was unable to play to his strengths in his teams previous to that due to his team mates.