Cloud 9 major roster changes – Overwatch

Prior to BlizzCon, Cloud 9 have unveiled their new roster in hopes of climbing to the top


The Cloud 9 Overwatch team has had a reasonably favorable history so far, consistently placing extremely highly in many major tournaments and maintaining a top 5 position in the world. However, they have yet to win a major tournament to secure the position as NA’s top Overwatch team.

Currently, Cloud 9 had decided to bench 3 of their players from the roster for Blizzcon, and it is likely depending on the current active’s roster at Blizzcon, the players will soon be traded or held off until the end of their contracts as substitutes. The 3 players benched are Reaver, deBett and Grego

Blizzcon 2

As a replacement for the recent benched players, Cloud 9 has signed Lucas ‘Mendokusaii’ Hakansson, Ruben ‘ryb’ Ljungdahl and  Randal ‘Roolf’ Stark. Roolf is one of the top support players in the scene, and is widely known for his mechanical ability on Zenyatta.

The current Cloud 9 roster:

  • Lane ‘Surefour’ Roberts
  • Adam ‘Adam’ Eckel
  • Kyle ‘KyKy’ Souder
  • Ruben ‘ryb’ Ljungdahl
  • Lucas ‘Mendokusaii’ Hakansson
  • Randall ‘Roolf’ Stark