Cloud 9 vs. Echo Fox – NA LCS week 9 – Previews & predictions

c9 vs echo fox

It was Rick Fox’s birthday about a week ago. And based on his twitter he only wanted one thing. For his League of Legends Foxes to take home a victory. Looks like he’s in for quite a big disappointment.

Cloud 9 have made a decent run in the last couple of weeks, only losing to the likes of TSM, CLG and Immortals. With strong performances out of Jensen and Sneaky (whipping out three penta-kills between the two of them) backed up by Smoothie, Meteos and Impact. Cloud 9’s team fighting has been exceptionally strong, able to work around an individual’s power spikes and cool-downs efficiently to bring down the enemy together, as a team.

Again, Echo Fox continue to tank the losses. Surprisingly, they manage to start games off strongly, with first bloods in games against TSM and Cloud 9, however, they never ever seem to build up enough momentum to take early leads into the mid-late game.

Echo Fox peaked during their entrance into the NA LCS and everything from that point onward has been a downhill battle. This is the end of the Fox.

Prediction: Cloud 9 75% | Echo Fox 25%