Cloud 9 vs Epsilon Tips, Odds and Match Preview SMITE World Championships Semi Final 2016

cloud9 smite

Cloud 9 have been absolutely demolishing every team they come across in the Super Regionals and, after their performance yesterday against Qiao Gu Reapers, have their compass set to win the entire tournament. Cloud 9 have so many strengths and very little weaknesses for Epsilon to exploit. Their victory will come from great map control from Andinster and JeffHindla to spot out Adapting in the jungle and for Andinster to dictate the game.

Epsilon are playing fantastically so far this tournament but now face what could be argued as the most difficult match they will have this year, even if they move onto the finals. Past games have shown this team does not have many weak points in their play but if anyone is able to spot them, it is Cloud 9. To find a victory, Epsilon need to draft a strong early and late game composition to take down the reigning world champions. Adapting needs to sway the game in his favour to prevail over Andinster. This match will be largely dependent on the junglers who are both known as the best players in the world.

Prediction:Cloud 9 55% – 45% Epsilon