Cloud 9 vs. Phoenix 1 – NA LCS week 8 – Previews & predictions

c9 vs phoenix

It is with full confidence that I can say that team’s like TSM and Immortals will beat mid to lower tier teams. However, when its Clown 9 up against Phoenix 1, could I smell an upset?

Realistically, Cloud 9 is a very solid team that is looking to consolidate on their current 3rd place standing. With C9 gaining a majority of first bloods in their matches and maintaining a strong early and late game rating, should seek to make quick work of Phoenix 1.

So what do Phoenix 1 have, that is in their favour? Well for starters, Pirean is an extremely efficient mid laner who works well when he’s fed, and even when he’s behind and gold starved. Mash too, is a very conservative ADC, who has the tendency to farm, maintain low deaths and quietly reach those critical power spikes and attempt to have an impact on the game.

Overall, Phoenix 1 lacks the firepower to take down NA’s memers. Cloud 9 should earn a victory, regardless if it is an easy 2-0 or 2-1.

Prediction: Cloud 9 70% | Phoenix 1 30%