Cloud 9 vs. Team Liquid – NA LCS 2016 – Week 5 – Day 1 – Preview

Cloud 9 vs. Team Liquid are matched up against each other for the North American League of Legends Challenger Series to be held Saturday February 13, 2016 in Day 1, Week 5 of the competition.

Balls : Lourlo

Rush : Dardoch

Jensen : Fenix

Sneaky : Piglet

Hai/Bunny FuFuu : Matt

Cloud 9

Both C9 and Team Liquid have looked like mid-tier teams this split. C9 have won games against lower opponents, but lost games vs teams who are played higher or equal to them in the standings. Team Liquid started off slowly, going 0-3 in their first 3 games, but have looked stronger since then. The junglers will be a huge impact on this game, Rush’s aggressive style against the high mechanical skill of Dardoch will be a good test to see who will create a bigger effect on the game. With Hai on the roster, C9 will have great shotcalling, something which has lost TL a few games in the past, meaning if the game goes late, I suspect that C9 will be more co-ordinated. Jensen and Fenix are both known for their control mage play, so I expect to have wave clear mid laners, and not much action to happen there. Both AD carries are able to truly carry if they’re fed, meaning both teams have reliable damage in the late game. This should be a close game, but a vital one for both teams to gain higher spots, going into playoffs.

Chance of victory: Cloud 9: 55% : Team Liquid: 45%