Cloud 9 vs Zero Gaming HOTS Gold Series Tournament 2016 Tips, Odds & Preview

cloud 9 2
The game between Cloud 9 and Zero Gaming in the HOTS Gold Series will be played on the 15th of January 2016.

Cloud 9

Cloud 9 the reigning stars of the North American HOTS scene, still staying on the top while they compete this weekend in the Heroes Rising event in California. Will we see them stay on top there before the beginning of the Gold Series? Can they bring the NA meta into china, and see how it fairs to the other metas of the game? With the new roster changes of Fan leaving to Bob Ross Fan Club and Arthelon joining the roster, how will they fair?


Battletag                     Name                        Role


Dunk Train            Derek Arabian               Support

KingCaffeine        John Paul Lopaz           Tank

iDream                   Kun Fang                       Flex

k1pro                      Keiwan Itakura             Carry

Arthelon                 Taylor Eder                   Carry


Zero Gaming

Zero Gaming is not a team to mess with either, with placing consistently within the top 4 within the last 5 months of their tournaments played. Only to be being defeated by the legendary Team YL. Will this be an easy win for either team? Will the bang bush meta of the Chinese region of heroes be hard for Cloud 9 to overcome in the situations? I think the vast difference in the meta throughout the regions is very hard for a team to overcome, but I think Cloud 9 has a great shot at being one of the best teams in the world, much with their showing that we saw at Blizzcon. They aren’t a team to forget about, and neither is Zero Gaming. Definitely will be a match to be seen.


Battletag          Name                        Role

Lucien              Lv Wenbo                 Support

BOOS               Meng Jiuxiang         Assassin

Aloof                Gu Jing                     Support

Xiny                 Huang Xu                  Assassin

Six                   Xu Yiran                     Warrior

Top                 Hu Tao                       Warrior


Cloud 9: 60%
Zero Gaming: 40%