Cloud9 Grego statement on leaving Cloud9


Cloud9 recently made a roster change in their Overwatch roster. The team cut off Grego from the active roster. Grego has released a statement on reddit clearing up the air regarding his departure from the active squad of Cloud9.

Hey guys, I just wanted to clear up some confusion for everyone since I’m being bombarded with questions regarding the roster changes. I left the team because of personality conflicts that I believe were effecting us to not learn as fast as we should have been. whether that be my fault or not, I won’t be the one to make that call, nor should it be public information so don’t ask me about it.

As far as Reaver and Debett goes, I couldn’t tell you if their decision is final or not and they could very well change their mind and come back to the team. But I will add that if they do decide they are leaving for good, their reasoning is completely different than mine.

I will be focusing on streaming for the next month or two while I assess my options and make a decision. Maybe I’ll join a team, maybe I’ll make my own, but I will tell you I’m in a good spot so you can expect to see me back among the top tier teams within the next 1-3 months. Thank you everyone for the love and support, see you on my stream.

Finally, I’d like to thank Cloud9 and my old teammates for the amazing opportunity they gave me and for all the great times we had. I’ll never forget it.

EDIT: It’s not happening in the comments here, However I’m seeing people trying to assume who I had conflicts with. Please don’t do this, you’re going to shine a bad light on people who don’t deserve it.


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