Cloud9 signs Laser Kittenz – Overwatch

Cloud 9 has added their commitment in the competitive Overwatch scene

While many teams are opting to leave or at the minimum, stay away from the competitive Overwatch scene, Cloud 9 has taken to big move by signing their second Overwatch roster.

This follows the big announcement a few days ago, where the major organisation was revealed to have purchased the “London” placement in the Overwatch League. While it was expected that Cloud 9 sign a European based team, no body expected them to keep 2 teams as there may be a conflict of interest for the organisation.

The roster’s information on Cloud 9’s official website is known as “Overwatch EU”. While the team is relatively new, their performance has been fairly decent in their short time competing together. With the organisation’s size and experience in the existing Overwatch scene, there is no doubt C9 will be able to mentor and heighten the roster to the international scene.