Cloud9 survive over Immortals at Overwatch open



Cloud9 had their final knockout match against Immortals. The Immortals roster is a fairly newly formed roster and their performance so far in the tournament has not been the greatest. The Cloud9 roster player super defensive on Hollywood allowing Immortals access to the checkpoint. Hitting Immortals from a very long range, the Cloud9 heroes had charged up their ultimates quite quickly. They put off two pushes from Immortals.

With over a minute left on the clock, Immortals were simply unable to penetrate into the site. However Immortals did a hail mary and rushed into the site with 10 seconds remaining and 0 ultimates online. They were able to survive the assault from Cloud9 and ultimately managed to get the payload moving.

The second checkpoint fight was equally huge with Cloud9 having 4 ultimates online. They had a nanoboosterd Reaper dive into Cloud9, however Cloud9 had an equally good Reaper ultimate on the backlines to force Immortals back. The performance of Cloud9 was very dominant with them being able to restrict Immortals to just one point.

On switching sides Cloud9 went in with the NanoBooster reaper. Immortals were simply unable to get their ultimates in line together. Immortals then went in one by one in order to give away free kills and a lot of ground to Cloud9. Cloud9 on the other hand had 3 ultimates online during the payload push. They were easily able to take the payload to the second checkpoint. Cloud9 won the map 1.


Map 2 ( Route 66) Saw Cloud9 being ultra defensive on the defense. They had Lucio, Zara, ana and tracer. The strategy to surprise the iMmortals roster. Cloud9 hid in the one cart in a very forward position. The Cloud9 roster burst out from behind them and that resulted in Immortals being unable to get a foothold in the game. They pretty much never recovered from the initial setback and that resulted in them running out of time and hence being able to just take one point. Once again Cloud9 were able to win the map by taking 2 points with ease.

You can view the entire match here :