Cloud9 vs CLG – ESL Finals Tips, Odds and Preview

Cloud9 vs CLG – Cobblestone


Cloud9 and CLG are matched up against each other in the ESL week 1 Group stage match on 12th February 2016 at 02:00 CET




Cloud9 have had a recent roster change. They replaced their IGL in Sean Gares and put forth a pug player Stewie2k in his place. They did lose a huge tactical advantage that they had over other teams in 2015. That was mainly due to Sean Gares leading them from the front and giving them a huge advantage where their aim might not be enough. After the roster change, CLoud9 have not had the best of results. They have not been able to win against local NA teams on some of their better maps including Cobblestone. They looked really shaky on the LAN against Method.




CLG actually looked very good after their own roster change. Removal of FNS and addition of Fugly has helped them as they still maintain their tactical part of the team by having PIta in the backup position. Either ways CLG already have had some really good results in the form of defeating Dignitas on Cobblestone. Dignitas is one of the better teams in the world on Cobblestone. They have been known to play amazing against some of the better teams in the world


The prediction : 70%-30% CLG

The Bet : Low to Medium on CLG

Risk : Low to Medium

Fanobet : Cloud9 score more than 12.5 rounds yes.