Cloud9 vs. Counter Logic Gaming – NA LCS 2016 – Week 7 – Day 2 – Preview

Cloud9 vs. Counter Logic Gaming are matched up against each other for the North American League of Legends Challenger Series to be held Sunday February 28, 2016 in Day 2, Week 7 of the competition.

Balls : Darshan

Rush : Xmithie

Jensen : Huhi

Sneaky : Stixxay

Hai : Aphromoo

Cloud 9

The battle of 2nd place, both CLG and Cloud9 are looking to be the second team in NA. It is likely that whoever wins this game will come second place during the split, based on the rest of the teams that C9 and CLG face being roughly equal strength.

For C9, Hai’s shotcalling, as well as the play of Jensen and Balls, will be very important as to how the game plays out, if they misposition during a late game fight, it could be all over. Rush’s aggressive style should allow him to take over Xmithie’s jungle, especially if he can get onto a champion like Nidalee or Elise.

On CLG’s side, Darshan and their lane swap game is one of the best in the league, and allows both Darshan and Stixxay to get lots of gold from pushing towers down, and that allows them to gain an advantage, through Darshan’s 1v1 capability, and Rush’s aggressive style lets him get into Xmithie’s jungle and ward up and counter jungle.

Overall, due to Hai’s shotcalling, and the current form of their players, I think they can beat CLG, potentially by using late game fights, and baron to secure the win.

Chance of victory: Cloud9: 55% : Counter Logic Gaming: 45%