Cloud9 vs. Counter Logic Gaming – NA LCS week 7 – Previews & predictions

c9 vs clg

Amidst the chaos and hardship of the NA LCS, C9 and CLG are seeking redemption. Redemption for performing poorly, redemption to be more than just a meme, redemption for breaking FreeLG, the list goes on. Both C9 and CLG have shown us that they are capable of defeating bottom tier teams, but struggle against the likes of TSM and Immortals. This match is a huge step forward for the victor and a punch to the gut for the loser.

Betting sites have the odds in favour for CLG, which I believe is very wrong. CLG have shown a lot of weakness in their signature split push tactics. C9 is a much more well rounded team, with better mechanics, better players and a better past-performance. While CLG have demonstrated many hiccups on both a team and individual level, particularly from Darshans recent dying spree in the top lane, Huhi’s garbage mechanics and a weaker-than-expected bot lane, C9 should be positioned to give CLG a run for their money.

Prediction: Cloud 9 55% | CLG 45%  (2-1 C9)