Cloud9 vs. Echo Fox – NA LCS 2016 – Week 9 – Day 1 – Preview

Cloud9 vs. Echo Fox are matched up against each other for the North American League of Legends Challenger Series to be held Saturday March 19, 2016 in Day 1, Week 9 of the competition.

Balls : kfo

Rush : Hard

Jensen : Froggen

Sneaky : Keith

Hai : Big

Cloud 9

With a chance to get to 2nd place, C9 could try to get themselves a playoff bye by winning this game. Jensen, Balls and Sneaky have all been extremely good recently, along with Hai and Rush providing utility, tank and damage during team fights. With Hai, their shotcalling is always almost perfect as he always knows what to do in every situation. Their teamfights are on point as Hai is always heard and never talked over, meaning that the whole team knows what to do.

Echo Fox have surged recently, and have a chance to make it into playoffs despite having a poor early split, as their roster wasn’t all together. Froggen’s shotcalling is high quality and lets the team know how to play and their mechanics are all very good. Keith has been a good carry for the team, and by the team protecting him, he can dish out tonnes of damage, skirt around the edges of fights avoiding death and making sure his team wins the fight.

Chance of victory: Cloud9: 70% : Echo Fox: 30%