Cloud9 vs EnVyUs; Tips, odds and Betting previews – Dreamhack Bucharest



Cloud9 and EnVyUs are matched up against each other in the match at Dreamhack Bucharest to be held on the 19th of September 2016 at 0600 CEST.


Cloud9 have been quite dominant so far in this tournament with some amazing performances. They won all their matches in the group stage and came out with a perfect 2-0. That being said, they did face weaker teams as Faze and Flipside. The NA roster has been together for quite sometime and their performance has been slowly improving over time. This game we should see a very good Cloud9 turn up as they will look to advance and make it into the top four of the tournament.

EnVyUs on the other hand have defintiely fallen out of favor for a majority of the community. The once world number one team, has had their hands tied as they have to face off against some of the other tier one teams who are much better in their results and strategies. The EnVyUs team, after changing their roster has definitely proven themselves to that their performance can be much better.


The Prediction : 65%-35% EnVyUs

The Bet : Low on EnVyus