Cloud9 vs Optic – Cache – ESL Pro League Tips, Odds and Preview


Cloud9 and Optic are matched up against each other in the ESL Pro League match to be held on the 10th of March 2016 at 02:00 CET. The map for this match will be Cache.




Cloud9’s latest match was during the MLG Columbus main qualifier where they won their last two matches against Renegades and Dignitas. Prior to that they had been on a losing streak, after losing maps to CLG, Gambit and Tempo Storm. Cloud9 don’t look as dominant in their matches and they are probably not as strong as they used to be. It would be foolhardy to say that Cloud9 are the best NA team right now as the team is still adjusting to their roster change and they do not have the results yet. As a premier NA team, their main objective has to be the MLG Columbus Major. They haven’t lost a single match in the ESL pro League yet and they can afford to lose some maps.


Optic Gaming


Optic have been looking really strong recently. They upset Liquid in the semi finals and then went on to defeat Selfless in the finals of the CEVO season 9 Qualifiers where they secured their place into the LAN finals. The team itself is looking very strong with some good gameplay constantly managing to pull off upsets and comebacks against the other teams. The team is mentally very strings well after managing to make comebacks after being down 12-3 and 11-4 against Liquid. Right now Optic Gaming seems to be in their groove and this match should be slightly favored.


However Cache is one of the best maps for Cloud9 although Optic are equally good if not better. After coming into the Optic organization, the team has lost only once on Cache to Winterfox. They are not uncomfortable on Cache with most of the wins being very easy wins for the team.

Cloud9 Optic


Considering the results it would be wise to bet on Optic.  Not only have they been much more active recently but their Cache results are also quite good.


The Prediction : 50%-50%

The Bet : Low on Optic