Cloud9 vs Optic – Cobblestone – ESL Pro League Tips, Odds and Preview


Cloud9 and Optic are matched up against each other in the ESL Pro League Match to be held on the 10th of March 2016 at 03:00 CET. The map for this match will be Cobblestone.



Cloud9 used to be one of the best teams on Cobblestone. The constant battles between Cloud9 and EnVyUs on Cobblestone in 2015 are quite famous. Even after being in a slump this was one of the maps that was very good map for Cloud9. The team knows its way around this map quite well and they have focussed on their strengths.


The teams recent performance on Cobblestone is shown below :

Cloud9 on Cobblestone in 2016


Cloud9 on Cobblestone in late 2015

Cloud9 2015


As can be clearly seen, the team has not been able to play much of Cobblestone in 2016. However if we look at their results in 2015, they have a huge win streak for the last year.



Optic on the other hand have not been performing well on this map. They recently suffered a 16-1 loss to Tempo Storm during Dreamhack Malmo. The loss was quite humiliating to the team for obvious reasons. Their recent results can be seen below:



The teams they played against are not well known for their Cobblestone gameplay. As such Optic’s win over these teams on this map does not count for much. A bet on Cloud 9 for this match is quite smart.


The Prediction : 67%-33% Cloud9

The Bet :  Low to Medium on Cloud9