Cloud9 vs Selfless, Tips Odds and Prevoews – Ibuypower Cup Semi Finals



Cloud9 and Selfless are matched up against each other in the Semi Finals of Ibuypower Cup to be held on the 17th of July at 14:30 EDT
Cloud9 actually had a very close match against Prospects. Winning 19-17 to Prospects on a very strong map is not really quite comforting. Selfless roster is somewhat mediocre right now. They are not the best in terms of their results either. Having a roster consisting of mitch, relyks, nifty, mainline.

Selfless played against Complexity in the first match. While they did win this match 2-0, Complexity definitely were not at their best play in this match.
Complexity were definitely out of sorts for sure. Complexity witmerś Team kill has become viral all over the net. They definitely

Cloud9 have the better experience and relatively better results. While this is a best of three, the advantage in this match has to go with Cloud9. Selfless have had many roster changes and losing several of their star players does not bode well for a team that relied on some great plays by individuals to win matches.

The odds for this match however are way high for Cloud9. I would personally say the match should be at best a 67%-33% in favor of Cloud9

The bet : Low on Selfless