Cloud9 vs Team Dignitas – NA LCS – Week 7 – Day 1 – Preview

Cloud9 vs Team Dignitas are matched up against each other for the NA LCS Round 7 Day 1 game to be held Saturday February 27, 2016 at 4pm PT.

Cloud 9


Balls : Billyboss
Rush : Kirei
Jensen : Shiphtur
Sneaky : Apollo
Hai : KiwiKid

Both these teams were able to come back from a deficit last week. Hai’s legendary shotcalling was able to keep C9 in the game, and for Dignitas, they were able to exploit positional weaknesses in their opponent.

Cloud 9

For Cloud9, Jensen has been absolutely on point recently, creating his own advantages and dealing consistent damage in fights. And Balls’ Gankplank game turned the game around against TSM. If they can clean up their early game, they won’t need to play from behind which may allow them to have a lead and snowball. However, as a team, C9 place the least amount of wards, and kill the least amount per game, meaning their vision game is weaker than all other teams.


On Dig’s side, Billyboss has been very good on tanks such as Malphite, allowing him to be the main engage works well for Dignitas. Shiphtur and Apollo are fantastic at carrying when given a lead, always dealing damage and making plays.
Overall, Hai’s shotcalling and Jensen and Sneaky’s play should allow C9 to get a win here, but their lack of vision could be exploited.

Chance of victory: Cloud 9: 60% : Team Dignitas: 40%