Cloud9 vs Winterfox; Tips, Odds and betting Previews – ESL Pro League Season 4


esl pro league

ESL Pro League Season 4

Cloud9 and Winterfox are matched up against each other in the Group Stage of the ESL Pro League Season 4 on the 26th of September 2016 at 0000 CEST


Cloud9 are leading the charts on the NA ESL Pro league group stage right now. Their position is very comfortable right now with some even saying they will qualify even if they lose all their matches later on. The Cloud9 roster has only been improving with time. They have been really strong on their favorite maps which is what they rely to gain an early advantage over their opponents.


Winterfox is not really a tier one NA CSGO team anymore. Their performance has been dismal and they have been losing majority of their matches against T1 CSGO teams.

The Prediction : 69%-31% in favor of Cloud9

The Bet : Medium on Cloud9