Cloud9 win against Method in the final group stage match



Method played Cloud9 on the Route 66 map. Cloud9 played defensive from the oil tank, but Method managed to rake in their ultimates really early. The nanoboosted Reaper ultimate spelled doom for cloud9 as were able to take control of the first map quite easily. Method were simply unable to hold off the Cloud9 juggernaut.

The second map however saw Method playing a really close map. Method seem to play better in clutch scenarios in the last few seconds. The third map was Hollywood Reaver was instrumental on his Roadhog to shut down the Method team, but Method waited it out. They waited and switched to Hanzo to take down the shield of Reinhart. Once the shield was down, Method just rushed into the site used a huge rombo combo to win the first point.


The eventual payload journey was quite good as they were able to push through the payload with relative ease. Cloud9’s journey on the other hand was really straightforward. They rushed through the payload scene. method did some bad usage of their ultimates and once Cloud9 knew that Methods ultimates were on cooldown, they went in with Winston leading the charge.


Cloud9 advance to the playoff stage.