Co-founder of Riot on future revenue sharing of League of Legends

Marc Merrill the Co-Founder of Riotgames and Co-creator of League of Legends talks about the future of “sustainability in the LoL ecosystem”

Start @ 10:50 on League Revenue

This League revenue talk all started with the interview above where Reginald outlined that teams couldn’t really make revenue and that investors were losing millions of dollars because they didn’t understand the League system. From this video, Marc misunderstood Reginald and directly attacked him through a League reddit post where he commented “Love me some Regi” but “team owners in the League ecosystem are ones who decide how much they pay their players”, not Riot.

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Marc also mentioned in his reddit post that it is not Riot’s job to look out for players individually and that it’s the responsibility of the team’s owners and managers. He also stated that Riot has already set minimum standards for pro player remuneration but it is not their call for determining market pricing for players. He also directly reflected responsibility for Riot in decreasing team revenue and player salaries by attacking TSM and other teams by blaming them on taking revenue from League of Legends to other game’s rosters.

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Marc replied in his TL above that he mistakenly “reacted emotionally” and admitted that his “initial response to him read as a direct attack”. Marc followed up by apologizing and responded to some of the issues Reginald spoke about in his interview and  “actually agree(d) with a lot of the points Andy makes about sustainability in the LoL ecosystem” that “League esports (in its current form) doesn’t provide the long term security and sustainability that we ultimately aspire to for teams and pros”. He blamed this on rising team costs and that they also don’t believe it’s “long-term state of League esports will be”.

As a solution to the lack of revenue for the teams, Marc stated that there would be increased “plans (to) include new in-game team-specific items with revenue-sharing for teams and pros”. They will also look at “smaller steps like working with teams to sell more jerseys” through the official “online store as well”. This will greatly boost team revenue and allow the competitive scene to be more sustainable and stable for the teams, since sponsors and prize money may not always be stable but fans will always be there for their team.