Co-founder of Riotgames fines himself $10,000 for account sharing


Marc Merrill has been called out for account sharing, and as punishement, he will be donating $10,000 to City Year LA.

As you all know, account sharing is against the rules for many games, including Riot’s mega game League of Legends. Mark tweeted that he had been called out for account sharing, however, the source of which called him out was not stated. This is likely a publicity stunt by the Co-founder to give some attention that account sharing isn’t acceptable, but let’s face the facts, Riot will never ban you for account sharing unless their know you bought an account and got boosted.

This donation is treated more like a joke by the community, and he has gotten a fair bit of criticism considering he did have a controversial argument with Team Solo Mid owner Reginald. The post on that can be found Here . But let’s face it, this is pretty much pocket change for the Co-founder of Riot, since he’s estimated Net worth is around 1.6 Billion US dollars.