Co-owner of G2 has financial ties with Fnatic – Breaking the rules!

According to rule 3.1 in the LCS handbook, having financial ties between more than a single team may lead to both teams being banned!

section 3.1

Sannpa is a company who registered a “charge” which meant that a document registered stated that the business loaned some money from another source. From this, the chargee was revealed by Richard Lewis as the Jens Hilgers, the co-owner of G2 Esports and someone from the ESL supervisory board.

Jens Hilgers has had some experience with these types of dodgy conflicts before, as he was allegedely using his position on the ESL supervisory board to threaten the gaming organization “Faze” through bans from ESL tournaments when some of the G2 roster players want to represent and join Faze’s team.

So what’s so wrong about Sannpa being the company who filed a charge and loaning Jens Hilgers money?

It’s because Sannpa is a secondary of Fnatic which holds the shares of the Fnatic gaming organization! This means there is a direct link between Fnatic and G2 Esports as Fnatic is loaning money to G2. This is certainly against the LCS rules handbook which possibly means that these two MAJOR teams may possibly be permenantly banned as previous gaming team TDK got banned also for having financial ties with another team.

Sannpa :

Founder of Fnatic – Sam Matthews
PA of Fnatic – Patrik Sattermon

Created in November 2013