COGnitive Gaming vs Panda Global Heroes Rising Cup Odds, Tips & Preview

heroes of the storm heroes rising

The game between COGnitive Gaming vs Panda Global will take place on January 10th in the Heroes of The Storm, Heroes rising up.

Cognitive Gaming

COGnitive Gaming has been having a rough stretch these past couple weeks with recent roster changes of losing their melee assassin player “Glaurung” and their flex player “Hospital”. Some say this duo is what made the team strong and there hasn’t been much of a challenge from them since. With current roster of iakona, Scylol, and Syracuse on the roster, no one knows how they will fair with subs Cattlepillar and Kilick. They had a fairly weak showing in their first game, late to every rotation and it just didn’t appear to be the COG we all know and love let’s hope they can get it together and beat Panda Global and save themselves from elimination.


Panda Global

Panda Global has made some tough showings here in the past, been a team for a long time with recent roster changes of losing proteges and picking psalm back up who is their current shot-caller who has made a strong showing for Panda Global formerly known as Kappa Wolves before recent sponsorship. Panda’s is a tough team and I believe COG will definitely have to tighten things up to pull out of elimination here. Being led by team captain bigempct Panda Global always keeps their composure and sticks to their strong points and playstyles being led by their strong support player akaface, who occasionally shows us that Brightwing and Malfurion still belong in the meta game in North America.


70% Panda Global
30% Cognitive Gaming