coL vs Conquest

Complexity vs Conquest.

Tonight we’re anticipating an exiting match up between Complexity and Conquest which will be part of the ELEAGUE Road to Vegas Closed NA Qualifier. Seeming that they both desire a place in this LAN tournament. The game is kicking of at 3AM GMT 17-12-2015. We will be excited to see the forecoming situations in this Best of Three qualifier event.

Both of these teams have formerly encountered in November in a Best of One game on Cobblestone , Complexity won this map 16-10 and taking the win.

Complexity in my view are the better team statistically with the win over their enemy little under a month ago and also winning 60% by winning three of their last five games in Counter Strike becoming the victor over CLG Red , Splyce and Method but losing two different games against CLG. There has only been one occassion where Complexity have won a game against CLG out of their four encounters to be fair.

Conquest appear to be playing very inconstantly with an extremely low number of wins in the past couple of games but they have only won a single game against NME in their last five games. Conquest have recently lost to big teams such as Fnatic , Liquid , Complexity and Cloud9. Retrospectively Conquest have only won 20% of their last five gaames which could push them forward and give them incentive to win this and break this bad habit.

Rosters Include ;
– roca
– Warden (standing in / new player)
– autimatic
– sancz

– daps
– ShahZaM
– stanislaw

Please take into consideration there is a lot on the line for both team with this being a qualifier for ELEAGUE Road to Vegas Closed NA.

My prediction : 60% to Comeplexity