Complexity Sign APE, release Witmer

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Complexity have formally announced the signing of APE into their CSGO roster. The NA organisation had played at the Northern Arena tournament with APE instead of witmer. The reasons stated were personal problems for Witmer.

APE will be on his way to the team house in Denver, Colorado shortly. After this roster change, Complexityś lineup consists mainly of Canadian players.

APE released a statement regarding the situation :

as most of you might have guessed at this point, I’ve had a lot going on at home. My dad is extremely sick, and this coupled with other factors have led to a serious decline in my mental state as of recent. It has been affecting my gameplay for some time now, and this coupled with other factors led to less than desirable results recently.

the guys have decided to go a different route in terms of team composition, and i wish them nothing but the best of luck. Rory, Matt, Kia, Brad, and even Mike were and still are family to me. They took me in and showed me the ways of the world outside of New Jersey, put me on an airplane for the first time, took me to my first huge event (eLeague) and were an absolute pleasure to play with. I have not a doubt in my mind they will find success with their new lineup very soon.

As for me, I’m effectively a free agent, going to be picking the awp back up, and hitting the stream grind hard. This isn’t the first bump in the road for me, in fact, I think this is an awesome learning/ingame experience and I’m excited to see what the future holds for me in the competitive landscape of CS. I know I’ve been underwhelming as of late, but I’m determined to take the bumps in stride and learn from them to be the best i can be.

Much love to the complexity family and all the sponsors that supported me from March 14th, the day of my birthday where I got the call to join up, to now. They have been nothing short of phenomenal people to me and everyone involved in the entire landscape of the organization, and are, in my eyes, a great model for any new organization to follow. Jason Lake, Jason Bass, and Kyle “Beef” Bautista were family I never had, and I will always maintain a firm connection with everyone involved in the compLexity family.

Have a nice night guys, see you in the rank S streams LUL.


As we can see from his post, Shawn has had a lot of problems going on closer to home that prevent him from focussing on his career professionally. Realising he was pulling down the team from its potential, they have mutually parted ways.


The team mates have had good words for Witmer so far :






The Current Roster :

  • depphh
  • Surreal
  • androidx23
  • Uber
  • APE