Cop acts as temporary Coach for Apex Gaming


Cop is currently participating in a trial run as Apex’s League of Legends team Coach.

cop 1

League of Legends esports veteran David “Cop” Roberson has more than 5 years of experience as a professional League of Legends player, acting as a ADC for Team Curse, Gravity Gaming and Echo fox.

With cop’s recent departure from Echo fox in June, he has quickly moved on to another team, Apex, which are currently testing his abilities as a coach rather than his previous experience as a player. The transition of player to coach has occurred more frequently over the years, as demonstrated Lustboy, a former TSM Super star and god tier support.

Apex has picked Cop up in hopes of furthering their progress in the NA LCS, since Apex currently isn’t in reach of the top tier teams yet. As of now, the team is currently 5-6 in the na lcs, which is just the level of a mid tier team.

Cop’s experience as a pro gamer, with multiple penta kills in the lcs, along with the highest KDA in the lcs at one point makes Cop an ideal coach for Apex, as Apex has to drastically improve their mechanics and teamwork to propel themselves towards the higher tier teams.