Copenhagen Games 2017 sends early invites

Organizers of the Copenhagen Games 2017 have just sent 7 invites

The Copenhagen Games 2017 will comprised of 16 teams, 7 of which have already been sent invites, they can be seen below. The remaining 8 teams will be decided in qualifying tournaments which is set to take place in the same arena as the main event, while 1 spot is reserved for the winner of the Team Plantronics Challenge, another online tournaments series by ESL Nordic.

The event will contain a reasonable $54,000 prize pool, where it is expected only the mid tier team would attend such as the Fnatic academy. I predict that team such as PRIDE, and Vexed have a very high chance of also joining in the main event and are pretty much all confirmed to be attending the qualifiers. This scene will be a great eye opener to these mid tier teams, and will surely be a great opportunity to be treated as a scouting grounds for the larger, more successful teams looking to pick up new talent.