Copenhagen Wolves vs Alpha | Operation Kinguin #3 | Tips odds and Previews

Operation Kinguin


Copenhagen Wolves and Alpha are matched up in the Group B of Operation Kinguin #3 to be held on the 15th of June 2016 at 17:00 CEST


Copenhagen wolves are undefeated so far in Operation Kinguin #3. They have won all their maps except 1. The one map that they lost was a Dust2 ( which is something I usually allow a team , due to the fact that any team can play Dust2.). It becomes more of an aim duel as opposed to the team actually playing good.


Their wins have been 2-0 ( against WP, Orbit, Kick) and a 2-1 win over DenDD. This was the Dust2 map that they lost. Their overall round difference currently stands at 137-72= +65 which is quite a good round difference in 4 best of three’s ( including a map loss). The team seems to be way ahead of the rest, with DenDD a close second to catching up.


Alpha on the other hand have played 3 matches and lost 1 ( all best of three’s).The loss was a 0-2 loss to DenDD and one of the victories is against an unknown team named Playzone( I cannot find much information about the players on the team ).


Considering the fact that its a six team group stage with a round robin format; and only two teams from each group will advance to the next stage, every match is quite important for the teams. They need to maintain their seeding position.


I think CW has the much better map pool and aim requird to win against Alpha. More of them being better, I feel Alpha just got lucky with their current standing as they got a very weak team in one of their 2 wins.


The Prediction : 75%-25% CW

The Bet : Medium ( maybe high ) on CW