Could Imaqtpie be the new TSM ADC?

Following Doublelift’s decision to step out for a split, TSM seeks a new carry

Special announcment coming soon guys ??

A photo posted by Michael Santana (@imaqtpielol) on

Imaqtpie has posted a picture of him wearing a new TSM Jacket and Shirt and captioned “Special announcement coming soon guys”. If Michael “Imaqtpie” Santana did try out for TSM, it is POSSIBLE he would enter TSM, since not only is he a veteran with several years of experience, but his ties to TSM and the community are very good.

This is likely a funny stunt to be pulled off following the announcement of the TSM ADC spot being open, but come on “qt”, don’t play us like that!

As Doublelift stated, playing the the Spring split gives little benefit to players and the money is “sh*t”, and in general professional players don’t earn that much anyway unless you are the best of the best. While TSM had extremely skilled players and they probably pay the best incomes to their player, there is no way TSM palyers would earn as much as imaqtpie since he reportedly earns millions per year from Twitch and sponserships.