Could Reginald be “buying” WildTurtle and Adrian

Following Doublelift’s announcement to take a break, could the TSM replacement ADC be one of these two?

Considering WildTurtle was one of the most successful TSM players to date, could he return back to Team SoloMid following the announcement of Doublelift’s break. If WildTurtle did end up rejoining TSM, it would be fairly challenging for Doublelift to return to the team. While Doublelift is an amazing player, WildTurtle too has a great legacy playing for TSM and Immortals.

WildTurtle also has very friendly relations with many TSM members, such as Dyrus, Bjergsen, Reginald and TheOddOne. I’m sure it’d be extremely tought for TSM to decide after Spring Split ends if they decide to take on WildTurtle.


However, it is extremely unlikely that it will ever come to this point, since I’m sure WildTurtle is happy with his current team. The team’s facebook page also hinted that they were just joking.

With regards to Adrian, it is also unlikely that TSM will be replacing Biofrost since Biofrost is one of TSM’s most valued players. Biofrost has performed well considering he is still fairly new to the scene, only having under a year’s experience with TSM and the scene in general.