Counter Logic Gaming vs. Liquid – NA LCS week 8 – Previews & predictions

clg vs liquid

CLG vs. Liquid. A clash between NA’s finest. It was not long ago that I was bashing on CLG and their mid laner, their split push efforts and their bot lane capabilities. However, they proved me wrong. I certainly find it very difficult to gauge who is the stronger/better team between CLG and Liquid. The only thing that CLG and Liquid have in common is that they both got stomped by TSM and Immortals.

Both CLG and Liquid are very similar in their team compositions and skill. This includes:

  • Darshan and Lourlo both enjoying the more carry orientated top lane meta. Both top laners have been picking up solo kills and also being solo killed in their respective games. The ganks by their junglers will be key in determining their lane dominance
  • Huhi and Fenix are both heavily under-appreciated mid laners. That being said, Fenix is much more consistent while Huhi does have the tendency to heavily hit or miss
  • Liquid and CLG bot lanes are very standard; however Fabbbyyy leans towards supportive ADCs such as Ashe and Sivir, while we see a deeper ADC pool from Stixxay

Overall I feel like Liquid have a slight edge in this match-up. I feel like Dardoch is going to be much more impactful in the early game, and Fenix possess much more play making potential than Huhi. As for CLG’s Darshan, Lourlo has played toe-to-toe with TSM Hauntzer and IMT Huni, so I am confident in him, at the very least, mitigating Darshan’s split push pressure.

Prediction: CLG 49% | Liquid 51%

The Bet: Boys it’s gonna be a close one