Counter Logic Gaming vs. NRG Esports – NA LCS week 9 – Previews & predictions

clg vs nrg

After a rough start to the season, CLG are finally hitting the ground running after solid performances in the past couple of weeks. CLG should be looking to consolidate for a 4th place finish to the regular season and head into playoffs seeking to defend their championship title.

NRG on the other hand are locked into the relegations tournament. The reality for NRG is that they’ve all been underperforming, far from their former glory. And it’s sad to see such players come down like that, to finish in that 8th or 9th position. If they’re going to turn things around, then they need to do so right now, not during the relegations tournament, not during the break, but right now.

CLG has demonstrated a very high degree of fortitude, taking their Liquid match to game three and persisting through even the hardest of fights and decisions. While CLG are far from ‘clean’ and playing with conviction like TSM and Immortals, their current capabilities should suffice in taking down NRG.

NRG do not possess a strong early game in a majority of their games, their losses stem from deaths from Quas and sometimes even GBM. Poor decision making and positioning from Kiwi also contributes to free kills over to the enemy team. All-in-all, NRG have ran out of time to polish their stacked roster, and only time will tell if we see them again next year.

Prediction: Counter Logic Gaming 60% | NRG 40% (CLG to take the series)