Counter Logic Gaming vs. Phoenix 1 – tournament tips, odds and betting preview

clg vs phoenix

Phoenix 1 picked up their first win this season! I honestly believe that they are not as bad as they seem despite their awful 1W – 9L standing. A shining star in their awful run thus far is Mash and Pirean. These two players are very consistent despite losing majority of their games. There are times in which Mash maintains a decent cs lead with 0 deaths and still manages to lose.

As much as I want to see P1 perform well and grow as a team, they are against very tough and angry opponents. CLG are sitting in the bottom half of the standings, and absolutely struggling to pick up wins against NA’s top 5. While it is expected for CLG to pick up an easy 2-0 victory against P1, the way they’ve played against other teams demonstrates a lot of weaknesses that even P1 could take advantage of.

Overall, CLG should win in this best of three series. With Darshan heavily outclassing Zig, Xmithie as a much more impactful jungler than Inori, all under the leadership and playmaking of Aphromoo; even if CLG play at their worst, P1 simply lacks the experience to beat CLG.

Prediction: CLG 60% | P1 40%

The Bet: CLG are clear-cut favourites, however P1 might take it to game 3