Counter strike tournaments Schedule

The European Minor Championship 2016 – Columbus is organized by both PGL and Valve, therefore being considered as an official Valve minor championship. The total prize pool for this event is $50,000 USD with winner receiving an invitation to the MLG Columbus 2016 Qualifier, while the teas placing 2nd – 4th place will be eligible to enter the CIS/Europe Last Chance Qualifier.

Intel Extreme Masters Taipei Season 10

Jan 29th – Feb 2nd 2016

The Intel Extreme Masters Taipei located in the Taipei Game show will run from Friday 29/1/16 to Tuesday 2/2/16 and will feature an official counter strike tournament classified as a regional minor championship. This minor champion ship will include 8 teams from Southeast Asian and Australia combined, playing for a considerable prize pool of $50,000 USD, the winner will also receive an invitation to another official Major Championship.

Global eSports Cup – Season 1

Feb 4th – Feb 7th

This is the counter strike tournament is the first series that “Game Show” has created under the “Global eSports Cup” which will feature 4 teams from the EU Group stage #2 along with 2 teams from both the CIS and NA group stage. This major tournament is not organized along with Valve, however, it has a massive prize pool of $200,000 which is sure to attract major teams such as Cloud9 and Counter Logic Gaming which have already secured their spot in the tournament!

Assembly Winter 2016

Feb 5th – Feb 7th

The Assembly Winter 2016 is organized by a third party and not sponsored or endorsed by Valve and will be held from Friday 5/2/16 to Sunday 7/2/16. It does have a reasonable prize pool considering it is not an official event which may also attract more skilled teams. Teams will be playing for a total prize pool of $15,000 Euros equivalent to slightly over $16,000 USD, unlike official event, the top teams do not receive invitations to other minor/major event qualifiers.

ESL Expo Barcelona

Feb 19th – Feb 21st

The ESL Expo Barcelona is hosted by major gaming organizer, ESL, which has in the past hosted countless tournaments for different games such as Dota 2 and League of Legends. This tournament will include a prize pool of $75,000 Euros roughly equivalent to $81,000 USD, since this event isn’t officially hosted by Valve, teams will not receive other invitations to other tournaments from winning. Since this tournament has a decent prize pool, it has already attracted major teams such as Team Dignitas and Fnatic, top tier teams that have already secured their spot in the tournament!

Intel Extreme Masters X – World Championship

March 2nd – March 5th

This championship is definitely not one to be missed! This will be one of the biggest tournaments or if not, the biggest tournament in the year. Long time event host, Intel, will be offering a prize pool upward of $250,000 USD which is enormous for a cs.go tournament. Given the huge sum of money that is loaded in this event, it’s no surpised that it has already attracted most of the biggest names in gaming such as Fnatic, Natus Vincere,, Luminosity Gaming, Ninjas In Pajamas and the infamous CoD sniping clan, Faze, all having secured their spot in the championship.

This one is a MUST WATCH!

Counter Pit League Season 2 – Finals

March 17th – March 18th

The finals for the Counter Pit League Season 2 – Finals will be held in-between Thursday 17/3/16 – Friday 18/3/16 in Croatia’s Spaladium Arena. The total prize pool for this event will be $80,000 USD and is an event organized by both Counter-Pit and One Game Agency, again like in non sponsored Valve events, teams will not receive invitations to other Valve events. Due to the size of the prize pool, it has already attracted major teams such as Natus Vincere and which participated in the Intel Extreme Masters C – World Championship.

MLG Major Championship: Columbus

March 29th – April 3rd

The next major championship of the year, MLG Major Championship: Columbus follows after the incredible Intel Extreme Masters X – World Championship. Almost able to match the prize pool of the Intel Extreme Masters X – World Championship, this championship will feature an incredible $250,000 USD prize pool for the top teams where the winning teams will receive a huge sum of $100,000 USD! Simular to the Intel Extreme Masters X – World , the MLG Major Championship: Columbus has already attracted many major teams, such as the ones who participated in the Intel Championship, such as Natus Vincere, Ninjas In Pyjamas, Faze Clan and

DreamHack Masters Malmö 2016

April 12th – April 17th

The DreamHack Masters Malmö 2016 is hosted solely by Dreamhack and not sponsored by Valve. This event will be held in Sweden’s Malmo Arena, hosting 16 teams, half of them invited directly to participate with the other 8 having to enter the Masters tournament through various qualifiers. It will has a total set prize pool of $200,000 USD which will be spread out throughout all 16 teams. From the popularity of previous Dreamhacks event, pro gaming team Fnatic has already confirmed their invite to the event.

DreamHack Austin 2016

May 6th – 8th

The third dreamhack cs.go tournament of the year, shortly following the previous tournament hosted in by them in Malmö. This DreamHack Austin 2016 has a smaller prize pool of $100,000 USD, however, t is still a fairly large amount which will be spread throughout the 8 participating teams. All of the teams playing in the DreamHack Austin 2016 will all be invited, meaning there is no previous qualifier rounds. The tournament will be carried out in a Group Stage (Bo1 + Bo3) and Single-Elimination Bracket (Bo3) format.