COW Open Season 2 announced



Competitive Overwatch was last held a few weeks ago, with  a prize pool of $427. They have announced yet another edition which will help players find teams and even practice against better teams.


Hey guys, we had a prize pool of $420 (actually $427) dollars last COW Open. That’s pretty big. We’re excited!


This kind of event is the perfect way to play some high-octane games against players of your level, practicing, and potentially earning money at the same time.

Signups are here, the event is every Friday at 8pm EDT.

If you feel like adding free money that you could win later on, here is the link to add a free dollar to this week’s prize pool using the code: cow15. Just click donate and you’re good!

The event will be streamed and casted at

Last week’s event was pretty crazy. The finals should be up on our Youtube channel soon™.


We also have an event for you! Minutemen only requires you to bring your beautiful self – none of that complicated team stuff. We’ll take care of that.

Just show up, join the undrafted lobby channel before 8pm EDT, and our bot will draft you into random teams with fresh new teammates.

Players of all skill level are welcome!

Signups for Minutemen 16: draft me baby one more time

Are you in our Discord? We are a community of 10,000+ users. Come join the discussion!.

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