CPlay vs Arcade



CPlay vs Arcade.

Tonight we’re anticipating an exciting match up between CPlay and Arcade which will be part of the 99Damage Arena #18. The game is kicking of at 5PM GMT 17-12-2015. We will be excited to see the fore coming situations in this Best of Three event.

CPlay haven’t played a professional or casted game in what feels like a very long time. Their last game was on the 9th of June 2015 in which CPlay fought against LDLC.White in a best of five. CPlay have won 60% of their last five games by winning three of the total figure although this information may be expired , it has been six months and I feel their team chemistry and experience is gone with that lost time but we will see what remains soon.

Arcade , I haven’t been focusing too strongly on this team because they had not proven themselves to me but when they took wins from SpaceS and stfuNerd it opened my eyes. Arcade has won a total of 40% of wins in their last five games winning against M&R twice in two separate games (Best of one and Best of three). They lost twice to AliGon and once to ESC ( very close Mirage game ).

Rosters Include ;
– sacron
– Maximus
– katulen
– Rejin
– Ker

– jR
– Mir
– Keshandr
– hutji

Arcade is 4/5 of Vega’s old ” Squadron “. Excuse the pun.

My Prediction: 60% for CPlay based on their history , wins and experience as a team.

Calvin Hynes.