Crumbz Retires From Professional Play


The announcement was made via twitter, Jungler Alberto Rengifo aka “Crumbz” is retiring from professional league of legends play. Making a name for himself as one of NA’s top junglers Crumbz has been on the scene since 2011. We will be said to see him go!

While streaming Runescape on twitch Crumbz made some comments about his future and his retirement.

“I was forced to retire. The team was sold to new owners, the new owners didn’t want me, noone else wanted me to play on their LCS team so I retired.”

“I already have a job and yes it’s in esports, yes it’s in LoL.” he went on too say.

Crumbz said he can provide more information within a week or so.

We wish Crumbz all the best moving forward.