CS GO Bet Predictions: Dec 11/ 12th 2015

navi cs go

In house Tipster Max shares his predictions on the upcoming CS GO Matches .

Navi v LG

Navi have been playing really well lately and haven’t been dropping games to lower tier teams. With this being a best of three it allows navi to really show their terrorist side strategies to the fullest. The only chance that
I see LG winning is if guardian is playing awfully. He is typically a non emotional player no matter how poorly he starts he will be the impact player for Navi along with Edward.

Edward and Guardian both have the potential to basically carry the team. LG will be looking for good leadership and rotations on the ct side as they need to counter the navi terrorist skills.

Overall I see the chances of LG winning to be very slim and will rely on either perfect maps , both Edward and guardian playing poorly or perfect rotations on the ct side.

Prediction: Navi 70% v 30% LG
The Tip: Bet on Navi if odds below 60% – 1.66 or larger

Fnatic v Conquest

Fnatic are a weaker team with the loss of pronax. They’ve lost their in game leader who was considered the best in the world . Dennis has stepped in as the replacement, he is a very good aimer and has excellent duel and fight skills.

Flusha is Fnactics new in game leader who was the best player at fnatic but with this new responsibility he will now be playing at 60 percent. However the aim addition of Dennis is going to be much more important than the strat loss of pronax against these lower level teams and there is almost no chance of an upset by conquest here. Olafmeister, flusha, Dennis and JW could 4v5 conquest in my opinion I see conquest just simply getting outclassed.

Prediction: 90% Fnactic v 10% Conquest
The Tip: Back Fnactic at 80% or lower – 1.25 or bigger

Liquid v Envyus

Envyus have been overcoming some consistency issues against weaker teams however they have remained strong against mid to high level teams such as complexity LG and liquid. I see them taking a relatively easy win against liquid here .

Kenny is going to be the man the game hinges on, when playing well he can be the best awper in the world. With that said he is an emotional player and if he starts playing bad he has the potential get down on himself which could open the door for an upset if Happy and NBK are also playing poorly.

Although It is not often that all of these players are playing badly at the same time against a team such as liquid.

Prediction: 80% envyus v 20% liquid
The Tip: Wait to see how the market forms


CLG have a skill for upsetting teams but I don’t see it happening here, Carrigan is playing extremely well as well as Dupreeh and between the two of them they are playing well enough to contend with the top teams.

CLG have one hope in the shape of tarik he has been playing insanely well lately with entry fragging and even on the ct side he is the beacon of hope for CLG , however he can’t do it himself against tsm. JDM is also going to have to be very important on that awp and getting picks together they have a chance. With that said the chances of them both peaking at the same time for this game are fairly low but they are both huge dangers on their day.

I see this one going to TSM given their class and line up.

Prediction: 75% TSM – CLG 25%
The Tip: Back TSM if they drop below 63% – 1.58 or above.

Efrag v LC

The teams are about even in skill however efrag has hit a really good patch of form recently and if they continue they should take this one . LC still have a chance if they come good though this match will be left mostly the the support fraggers in my opinion those refrags vs free kills on the entries on to site will make all the difference in this one

Prediction: 65% Efrag v – 35% LC
The Tip: Wait to see how the market forms