CS GO Bet Predictions Dec 12/13th

envyus cs go

In house tipster @CalvinHyness has provided his insights for todays upcoming CS GO action.


Date: 11 – 12 – 15.
Event: ESL.
Start Time: 12.30 GMT the game will begin.

TSM is currently ranked the number one CSGO team in the world but recently they have been slacking and losing games against teams such as SK Gaming ( in my opinion the most inconsistent team at a professional level ). This loss carries the possibility of CLG winning this game.

But Seeming they are holding first place according Gosu ( ranking site ).
I don’t believe CLG are capable enough to extract this win from TSM.

95% for TSM to win.

SR vs InsideG

Event: D!ngIT CS:GO Asia Invitational Season 2
Stage: Group B Stages

In my opinion this is a low tier tournament and has many unrecognisable teams such as MVP and InsideG who have only won two professional games in their time as a team.

SR’s lineup includes the insane Rifler ” d@rklord “. He is such an asset to his team and performs well in all situations , winning or losing.

InsideG are the weaker team obviously and aren’t as experienced as SR.

Prediction: 90% to SR.

Mongolz vs BoW

Event: D!ngIT CS:GO Asia Invitational Season 2
Stage: Group A Stages

Both of these teams have never played against eachother. Mongolz recently have shown that they are the trying their best to win their games against the opponents ( winning two bo3 against J2G. )

BoW or alternative known as Brave or warriors have not been doing well of recent times losing two professional games to Tyloo and Pow.

While Mongolz have the better line up there is still opportunity for BoW to prove themselves.
Rosters include ;

BoW Roster ;

Mongolz Roster ;


Mongolz have very strong plays on Inferno ( their best map ) and Mirage ( BoW’s worst map ). So depending on which ways the veto goes could upset Mongolz.
This is a best of three game and if Train is in the veto I cannot see Mongolz winning this map over because it is their worst map.

Prediction: is 79% for Mongolz

EnvyUs vs Fnatic

Event: ESL.
Format: BO3.
Time: 6PM GMT

Fnatic have recently proved themselves to be in the top 3 globally of all teams with the highest amount of majors won with a total of 3 they are looking to take their rightful place at the number one team of Counter Strike.
EnvyUs and Fnatic have played eachother a total of 33 times. Envy has only won 33% of games against Fnatic (11 games) while Fnatic have the win percentage of 67% (22 games) against EnvyUs.

Although EnvyUs have debatebly one of the best rosters possible for the French side including the world’s most famous awper KennyS, assisted by rilfers such as Apex who was snatched from Titan along with KennyS in the past 3 months. All of this team have played together previously on different rosters dating back as far as LDLC so they do have cemistry to work with.

Fnatic , the three time major champion with amazing in game leader Pronax who is always very resourceful in all situations. It is arguable who is the best strat caller at the moment with a lot of new changes being implemented to Counter Strike but in my opinion it was a minute to kick Pronax from the team. If JW picks up an AWP it will be a tense game against KennyS which I will be excited to see.

Fnatic have excellent plays on Inferno which EnvyUs already know from previous experiences so I wouldn’t be suprised to see it getting banned in veto likewise for EnvyUs on Dust 2. EnvyUs also have slightly weak Cobblestone plays and Fnatic could easily swipe a map if it gets chosen.

Prediction: is 80% for Fnatic to win.