CS GO Betting Lounge vs Optic Tips, Odds and Preview – GameShow Global Cup 2016

optic gaming

This match between CS GO Betting Lounge and Optic Tips one of the Vegas Qualifiers. The winner of this match gets a seed to E-league Season 1 along with a fantastic Cash Prize of $35,000. The second seed wins $15,000.

Lounge Gaming

Lounge Gaming currently consists of players such as Oskarish, Michu, Mouz, innocent, SZPERO. This team has had some really decent success before the vacation and that includes wins over teams such as  Dignitas, Vexed and Mouseports. These teams are considered better than Lounge and consistently defeating better teams is a sign of progress. Their map pool is varied and they have a pretty good spread over Cache, Overpass, Cobblestone, Train Mirage. Some of these maps are good for Conquest (Optic) too.


Optic refrain from playing Cache as well as other NA teams. Indeed their map pool is stronger on Inferno and Cache is a decent map for them. On the other hand Lounge have the advantage on Cache. Another map for Lounge is Train and Overpass. Both these maps are strong for them.If we have to take a pick from these maps Lounge is better off on Train than Overpass. We have already seen Optic play Overpass during previous LAN’s and Shahzam’s Hold at a long would have a severe impact on their holds.

Optic has players such as Daps, Shazam, Naf-Fly, Rush, Stanislaw. These players have not really proven themselves at the international stage to be honest. They have had a few close matches especially on Overpass against some good teams. However that being said you have to realise that they depend heavily on how well or how bad Shahzam performs as an AWPer. His picks really matter and they tilt the game towards or away from Optic Gaming. That being said another factor to consider is that Optic will be playing in the morning. It will be probably around 10am to 12 noon. While it is not really early morning it still is something that is pretty much unusual for them to be playing official matches at.

As Moses pointed out in this tweet –

https://twitter.com/mosesCSGO/status/684151033237381120 They have won only one international Bo3 against Dignitas. So while they might be super hyped cause of the fact that they are picked by Optic Gaming (which is a huge organisation ) They probably are not that good as many will make them out to be. Their performance after their streak on some LAN’s has gradually fallen as they progressed and the two maps that they are super strong on are Inferno and Overpass. Overpass is still sketchy as we have seen them lose on this map to other teams who are not that good too. Inferno as a map really comes down to their T side. IF they falter badly on their T ( as they are prone to do) they are in trouble. You have to admit however that they have one of the best NA CT sides on Inferno and it is really a fortress so far.

I feel Lounge is slightly favoured in the Map Pool. They also have had better results in the previous matches as compared to Optic Gaming.  The sole advantage that Optic Gaming seem to have right now is their Home Advantage ( Remember Lounge are flying all the way to play the B03 )


The Prediction :  Lounge 63 % vs Optic 37%

The bet : Low to Medium on Lounge.